Amelia’s Flower Truck

Hey, hey! Long time no chat. I’m back from my spontaneous trip to Nashville and I must say, I already miss it. Whenever I visit a city I like to get the local’s perspective paired with a few touristy things (peep my #WhatLiftsYou picture on my Instagram, for example). One of the items that was on my list of things to do was to visit Amelia’s Flower Truck. I’ve seen Amelia’s all over Instagram and I had heard about it from a few friends so I knew I had to experience this ultra cute flower truck myself.


First, I had to figure out which part of Nashville Amelia’s was going to be in on the day I went. I originally thought this was going to be slightly challenging but Amelia’s website makes finding the truck locations so incredibly easy with an interactive calendar of events. A fun fact about Amelia’s is that each flower truck has a name; Amy, Melody, and Rory. Adorable, right?!

Screen Shot 2017-07-27 at 7.24.12 PM
Image above from Amelia’s Flower Truck

Upon arriving, it started to down pour. Like, I’m talking literal buckets of rain were falling from the sky. None the less, I was blown away by the line of people waiting for their opportunity to pick a bouquet of flowers even in the rain. Once I got up to the truck, I saw one singular sunflower left and I immediately grabbed it. Sunflowers are my all-time favorite flower so I knew I had to have it in my DIY bouquet. I arrived a little later in the day so the selection of flowers had dwindled a bit but I took that as a good sign of how much locals and visitors absolutely love to support Amelia’s.


The owner was super sweet and offered help if I needed any assistance crafting my perfect bundle of flowers. The prices were marked per stem and were all more than reasonably priced. Once I had my goodies, they were trimmed and wrapped up for me in the most simple, yet boho chic way.

Honestly, I was so impressed. I loved the bouquet I picked because it was completely unique which is something that has always been important to me when it comes to flowers. I’ve never been the typical, “I want red roses”, girl and Amelia’s was the perfect place for me to be able to express my creativity by creating my own bouquet.


The best part? These beauties were troopers and even made it 8 hours in the car all the way back to Michigan with me! If you’re ever in Nashville, I highly recommend checking out Amelia’s and getting yourself or your loved ones a special, unique-to-you bouquet. I know I’ll be back during my next visit!

What’s your favorite part about visiting a different city? 

xx, Kaitlyn

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